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August 17, 2015
by Mike Kelly

New learning tool, and thoughts on lifelong learning

In my spare (non-UAL) time I have been developing an application which is a cross between a creative note-taking tool, an authoring tool, and a personal knowledge base.

I would be interested in discussing potential educational applications of the software with tutors, lecturers or other educators. Or anyone else. Please get in touch if you’re interested! Continue Reading →

May 11, 2015
by Mike Kelly

UAL contributions to the Mahara project

A new community version of Mahara has been released, featuring code which I contributed as part of my development of UAL’s workflow site.

There is more information about the new release here: https://mahara.org/interaction/forum/topic.php?id=7171

The main feature I contributed to this release was a text editor plugin and related code infrastructure for adding images already uploaded to Mahara / workflow into text boxes, when creating a page, posting to a forum, etc.

The plugin allows users to browse through their file repository when inserting an image into a text box, and select one of their existing files.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.00.20This has made Mahara discussion forums significantly easier to use when including images in posts, and has made it easier to wrap text around images in pages, where required.

I also contributed a fix to Mahara’s plugin for embedding PDFs, which wasn’t working correctly on certain sites (including ours!).

It’s interesting to see that UAL is the second largest contributor to Mahara in this release, if you exclude Catalyst, the stewards of the projects, and their commercial companies, with only the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ahead of us. Putting that in context, Catalyst made the vast bulk of updates and UAL’s contribution was very small by comparison. Importantly though, we continue to contribute significant features to the software which make it increasingly useful and relevant to the art and design community.

I look forward to incorporating some of the community version’s new features into workflow.

May 11, 2015
by Mike Kelly

workflow / Mahara Group Views Gallery updated

The Group Views Gallery plugin for workflow was updated, to allow users to set the size of their gallery thumbnails.

The version on GitHub, which is designed to work with the community version of Mahara, has also been updated: https://github.com/CLTAD/mahara-groupviewsgallery

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.51.10

February 26, 2015
by Mike Kelly

Group Views Gallery for workflow

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.38.32As mentioned in a previous post, I had a request from LCF to create image galleries in workflow groups, to allow browsing of the Group Pages with a visual view. Starting out from some of the work Auckland University of Technology did with my Mahara Browse plugins, I’ve implented a new plugin for Mahara which does this. Continue Reading →

February 9, 2015
by Mike Kelly

SASS with Eclipse, in OS X

This is a technical post. You may wish to avert your eyes.
It’s about automatically compiling SASS files when developing with the Eclipse IDE. Scouting around the web for info about how to set this up didn’t reveal any definitive guide – so I’m assuming that this post is going to be useful to some other developers out there. Continue Reading →

February 2, 2015
by admin

Mahara / Workflow plugin

Shen Zhang and the team at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand have released a Mahara plugin which creates a gallery view of group pages. The plugin is based on some of my open-sourced plugins for workflow and uses the same visual styling.
This is really good timing as I have recently had requests for a more visual view of group pages from the elearning team at London College of Fashion. So I will be looking at the AUT plugin soon with a view to bringing it into workflow.


The plugin is available for download here:

August 12, 2014
by Mike Kelly

What’s new in Workflow – August 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.35.04

I’ve been busy making updates to our test version of workflow over the summer months, with a view to adding them to the live workflow site in September, in time for the start of the new academic year.

I’m hoping to get feedback from users to help make improvements and fix bugs before going live.
If you are interested in looking at the test version of the new workflow please contact me for details (elearning-support@arts.ac.uk) and I’ll give you access to the site and an account for reporting issues.

Here is a summary of the major changes you can expect to see in the new workflow. Some come from the Mahara community, while others are unique to workflow and UAL.

Continue Reading →

August 11, 2014
by Mike Kelly

workflow plugins adapted

I was pleased to hear from Shen Zhang at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand that my Mahara plugins have been useful for them. The team at the Centre for Learning and Teaching there (sounds familiar) are adapting my Browse Content plugin into a new plugin which displays group pages with a visual interface. The plugin will be shared with the community in the near future.

April 10, 2014
by Mike Kelly

Browse Pages and Browse Profile Pages plugins for Mahara

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 19.31.01I’ve published a couple of plugins which I developed for Mahara, as part of our implementation of an e-Portfolio system here at UAL (workflow).

I had a number of requests from Mahara users at other institutions to make these available. They make it possible to browse through work created by others in Mahara. This has a lot of potential value in pedagogical terms. It makes it possible to share examples of good practice; it can be inspiring to see the level of peers’ work, and this can act as a spur to quality; and it helps increase the sense of community in the online space. Having a common online exhibition space can raise the stakes for those posting content to it. Continue Reading →

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